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A Tyke's Progress

Stiltman, A Tyke's Progress, by Jack Blackburn, is a companion text to a first book, Strange Threads which records over thirty years' work creating and promoting a variety of theatre based projects and productions.


From the author

Reading Neil McGregor's absorbing and rewarding History of the World in 100 Objects was the trigger which induced me to write this book: A History of My World in less than 100 Objects.

Things that have shaped and defined my life, influenced my progress through education, opportunity, and endless support and encouragement from friends and family, whether these things be Furniture or Bus Journeys, Asthma or Japan, Pinocchio or Homer, a Vietnamese Translator or Landscape. And more.

Such riches.

Fragments of Faience or a Stunted Thumb with Cricket Ball.

And more.

Stunted thumb

Stunted thumb.

Fragments of faience

Fragments of faience.


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